Stone Installation Clear Lake Texas

Vaneer Stone or Natural Stone Installed Clear Lake Texas | By RC Home Services

Stone Installation Clear Lake Texas | By RC Home Services Natural stone or stone veneer finishes can bring a wonderful, rich, quality to your home or office. RC Home Services is the stone installation expert that Clear Lake calls on when they want quality service and craftsmanship.

We can help you to select the right natural stone products for your project and then plan and execute your project so that the finished work leaves you completely excited about your new look and feel.

RC Home Services uses only the highest quality natural stones from quarries all around the world. When you select a type of stone, whether domestic or imported we will help you get an excellent price on your materials and then our artisains can go to work to complete your project to your expectations and beyond.

RC Home Services uses only the finest vaneer stone installation products from manufacturers that produce quality products. The faux stone vaneers can hardly be distinguished from the real stones that they are crafted to model. There are some benefits to using vaneer stone and artificial stone, but depending on your specifications RC Home services can help you choose the solution that is right for you.

Some Things To Know About Stone Installation

Natural stone siding is harvested from real quarries. In other words there are places around the world that are known for different types of stone. There are a large variety of stones harvested from quarries right here in Texas. These stones are quarried and then processed in factories where individual stones are cut from large slabs and then shaped into tiles with the help of water cutting tools and diamond saws. The stones are then made available for installation where they are affixed to a structure using mortars and glues depending on the specific application. Natural stone installation is one of RC Home Services hallmark crafts.

Artificial or faux stones do not use actual stones. Instead, a mix is made from a special kind of cement and mixed with iron oxide to give it its color and then poured into molds that have a stone-like finish. When the faux stones are removed from their forms or molds they can be set into mortar or affixed by other methods in a similar fashion as natural stone. In some instances the homeowner may prefer sheets as opposed to individual faux stones. Many manufacturers carry sheets of faux stone (similar to plywood in size) and the sheets can be installed in a similar fashion. Faux stone is generally more economical and weighs much less than natural stone, and so depending on the application the use of faux stone can be determined in the planning phase of your construction project. The ┬ástone installation pro’s at RC Home Services can help you to determine if faux stone is appropriate for your project.

For all intents and purposes natural stone and stone vaneer are indistinguishable at a glance. This is because the manufacturers of faux stone products go to great lengths to mimic the qualities of natural stone in their products. By virtue of their endurance to the elements both increase the value of your home and give your property a quality look that far surprasses brick homes in current trends.

Additional Considerations About Stone Installation:

  • Faux stone is notably lighter and easier to work with than natural stone
  • Real stone adds an extra aesthetic dimension – every installation is subtly different, thanks to natural color variation. Because it is natural there are no two stones alike.
  • Faux stone is typically more reasonably priced, which accounts for the increasing popularity of a stone veneer look in residential projects. Add to the fact that it looks close to the real deal it is an ideal solution.
  • Real stone siding adds structural benefits to a property in the way that manfacturered stone veneer does not. There are some virtues innate to natural stone finishes as opposed to veneers.

How Do I Care For My Natural Stone Installation or Veneer Stone Installation?

Natural stone must be sealed to make sure that it does not become dull and degrade with the elements and moisture. If you have natural stone walls, for instance, you will need to have specialized stone sealers to finish off your stone installation project. It is a best practice to avoid using acidic cleaners to clean your natural stone surfaces. RC Home Services can make recommendations for the care of your stone installation.

If you choose manufactured, vaneer stone siding installation over natural stone installation it is a good idea to hose your stone finishes down two or three times every year. Faux stone is a low maintenance product and generally requires minimal upkeep.

So whether you choose natural stone installation or faux stone installation RC Home Services is here to help. We are experts in installing stone products of either type. Call RC Home Services today for your stone installation project.

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