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Custom Trim Moulding by RC Home Services

Custom Trim and Moulding by RC Home ServicesRC Home Services specializes in custom trim moulding installation. There are many types of trim moulding and trim work that builders use to augment your home and beautify your spaces. The most popular types of trim moulding are Crown Moulding and Chair Rails. With many styles to choose from the right moulding or trim can really set your room apart. We can help you plan, design and install your moulding and trim to your specifications. We can build out any room in your home to make a stunning look for your space. Make your home something you can be proud of. With custom moulding and trim you can give your space the “Wow Factor” with some very simple additions.

Getting the cuts right and accurate is the most difficult part of adding trim and moulding to your home. You have to make sure that your angles are mitered correctly to give your home a flawless, seamless look. When adding pieces to long expanses you want to make sure that each piece of trim or moulding is flush and accurately measured and cut.

RC Home Services Installs All Types of Trim Mouldings and Trims for our Clearlake Area Clients, Including:

  • Wood trim and moulding installed by Clear Lake, Texas Builder, RC Home ServicesCrown Trim Moulding – RC Home Services specializes in crown moulding installation. Crown moulding covers a large variety of moulding types used to finish the top edge of cabinets, binding along the seam of where the ceilinsg meet the wall, they can be usesd to create door trim or they can be used to design cornice moulding designs.
  • Wainscot Paneling – RC Home Services can help you build with class. This style of paneling that runs along the wall from floor height at approximately 3 feet high or so. It comes in a variety of styles and designs and mostly for acquiring an ornamental look.
  • Chair Rail Trim Moulding– RC Home Services can turn your room into a masterpiece using a decorative trim piece that you place on the walls at the same height the top of a wainscot panel would be. Often times they are used to separate paint colors on a wall. They can also be used to create square and rectangular designs on walls, these are the most popular installs this season.
  • Mantle Trim Moulding – RC Home Services can create  variety of styles and finishes for your mantle piece can make a simple block mantle come to life as an elegant architectural focal point for a room.
For a great glossary of the various kinds of mouldings and trim you could check out the trim glossary at Lowe’s. But for installation and savings on these items give us a call. 

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