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Outdoor Kitchens By RC Home Services

Outdoor Kitchens Designed and Installed by RC Home Services RC Home Services specializes in planning, designing and construction of outdoor kitchens for clients in the Houston area. We know that your outdoor kitchen is an expression of the character and style of your home and should augment and accent the existing look and feel of your home, while providing you with a space where you can slow down, spend time with your family and friends while still having a practical space where all of your outdoor dining needs can be met. Something as simple as a storage cabinet to keep all of your cooking gear is a great start. Or if you want to go more elaborate and include a kitchen with a grill, refrigerator, sink and dining area, we can help you there too! The point is that when RC Home Services finishes your outdoor kitchen you will have an area of your home that will naturally become a favorite gathering space for friends and family alike. Want to incorporate a seating area with a fire pit for enjoying a glass of wine with friends or taking back an enjoying warm afternoon with family over a tall glass of lemonade, while grilling fresh vegetables and thick T-bones? Or how about grabbing a cold beer out of the refrigerator after mowing the back lawn….the possibilities are endless.

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