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October 25, 2013


Clear Lake Construction

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Are you looking for a contractors near Clear Lake Texas?

Contractor Near Clear Lake TexasLook no further, RC Home Services your choice for contractors near Clear Lake Texas. We specialize in contract construction work for residential and commercial construction projects in the Clear Lake Area. Most people who live in Clear Lake want a contractor near Clear Lake to manage their construction projects for the convenience of reliable, on-time construction services. RC Home Services is located in the Clear Lake area and so we are there on the spot to make sure that your contruction project begins promptly every day until it is completed.

In fact, we stick to a very tight schedule. When we go to work on your project we use a detailed project management schedule that is based upon definitions from our initial consultation and planning. In a majority of cases we can come in under budget and under schedule completion dates, because we pay attention to the details.

Contractor Near Clear Lake Texas If you are looking for contractors near Clear Lake Texas then you don’t just want any contractor. You want the professionals from RC Home Services. Don’t settle for the stereotypical contractor who rolls in late, beer cans falling out of his truck as he opens the door to get out with his shirt riding up his beer belly and his pants falling down to reveal way too much of his backside. Professionalism is a quality that is important for our business. We arrive on time, our work vehicles are tidy and neat (we like to be able to find things without having to look for them), and our craftsmen are dressed appropriately. Everything that we do is a reflection of our attention to detail, right down to the shoes we wear on the job!

We hope that this attention to the little things will show you that we will be paying close attention to the little things that matter to you!

As contractors near Clear Lake, we also know the area quite well. Our supply delivery is tied into our schedule and we know where to get the supplies in the area in the event that we need to replace a tool, or even enjoy that highly coveted lunch break during a hard day of work. The point is that we are the best contractor near Clear Lake Texas that you will find, because we take a great deal of pride in our services, and offer courteous, and professional support to our clients when they have questions about any facet of their construction project.

Our teams are briefed daily and expectations are set at the beginning of each work day to ensure that we maintain strict adherence to our timeline. We believe that a satisfied customer is repeat customer and a referring customer and so we strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them in all that we do.

So if you still have questions about who to call when looking for contractors near Clear Lake Texas, we hope that we have been able to give you the confidence you need to choose the very best contractor near Clear Lake Texas!

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June 11, 2013


Clear Lake Construction

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RC Home Services: The Most Requested Builder In Clear Lake Texas

Thank You Clear Lake for making RC Home Services the Most Requested Builder In Clear Lake Texas! We are proud to serve the Clear Lake area with quality construction at the best price. RC Home Services is a premium custom builder that specializes in remodeling and new construction.

Our thanks go out to the many clients we have in the Clear Lake area. We are excited about our growth and we owe it all to you. You have invited us into your homes and we have left each project knowing that you, our loyal customers, are pleased with our work. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients on every project.  -Rafael

RC Home Services is a professional builder in the Clear Lake area that specializes in many facets of construction including:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Flooring (wood, tile, stone and carpet)
  • Trim and Moulding
  • Garage Conversions
  • Patio Covers
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Sun Rooms
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Decks
  • Replacement Windows
  • Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Siding
  • and so much more…

RC Home Services is bonded and insured. We offer the finest, quality, craftsmanship on every project. It all begins with a consultation. Give us a call or send us an email and we will schedule a time to come out and visit with you to plan and design your next construction project.

Again, we want to thank you Clear Lake for making RC Home Services the Most Requested Builder In Clear Lake!

Most Requested Builder In Clear Lake Texas